Gestion Qualiterra

Gestion Qualiterra signed a new agreement with the Quebec Cattle producers

Published on June 7, 2016

Qualiterra is pleased to expand its expertise with grain-fed veal production. Indeed, Qualiterra’s team will accompany grain-fed veal producers for the implementation of this farm origin and quality program ” Veau de grain du Québec certifié “. The certification is mandatory for all grain-fed calves producers in Quebec. To sell their product under the name “grain-fed calves”, producers must be certified, that is to say, they must respect the raising criteria prescribed in a regulated tender specification. The certification ensures the industry and consumers a consistent quality product. Our team will support producers in this process in order to establish a practical and permanent way to meet all requirements of the specification. We are pleased to work for the success of this promising program for the industry.

This partnership is in force since the beginning of May and the first farms should be visited during the summer of 2016 to help accelerate the certification of farms.

For more information on the program see (in French only)